The Baskin Fee Prospect Updates

Posted by - Admin / May 22nd, 2012

Well #3A was fracked on May 10, 2012 in the Conglomerate zone. We used a 250 sack frack.  It was swabbed and began pumping on May 14.  We are anticipating preliminary flow numbers very soon.

Well #2A is to be fracked in the same Conglomerate zone after well #3A has flowed for a period of time.  The workover rig is now on Well #1A and will be perfed in the lower caddo zone on May 16.  Well #1A should be flowing by early next week.

All three Baskin Fee wells have numerous zones uphole that will be tested after the zones that are open now have been depleted.  Enbridge will test the natural gas and we will lay flow lines to their meter.

Baskin Fee Update: 5/22

Well #3A and well #1A are pumping. Enbridge is starting the gas test at 2:00 PM this afternoon. It will be a 24 hour test. This will tell the quality of the gas, not the quantity. After they give their permission, we will lay gas lines and hook up to their sales line. There is not an exact timeline for these procedures.

Well 2A will be fracked on Wednesday, May 23. The same fracking techniques will be used as on the 3A because they are in the same zone. If everything goes as planned, this well should be pumping by the weekend.